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August 19, 2013
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**** Readers POV ****

You were running. From what? A huge clown thing with hair you could drown in and huge spiral shaped horns. You're red blood ran down the side of you're face as you ran. Faster and faster, you swear you could hear the weird honk sound the Clown made dear Jesus babies you were scared. You saw a huge tree and you climbed it swiftly. You recognize these trees because they looked like the ones in you're backyard. You climb to the top and see the huge thing run past. You sigh and collapse of exhaustion.

*** time skip becusse I'm lazy.:P *****
You woke up sore and stiff. You glance around and see a small white creature, it looks like a small bull with wings. It must not be very smart, either that or it has bad eyesight because it was constantly hitting its head against the wall. You sit up and look around some more. You see a shirtless thing in a large round thing with green stuff in it. You faintly remember a female with that clown thing l mention that you weren't a " Troll?" Apparently these things were trolls. You look at the troll in the thing he was incredibly handsome. You also notice his horns. DAYUM. DAAAAAYUM. THEY WERE HUGE. You're eyes travel down and you blush. You shouldn't be staring while he was sleeping!? What are you? Some stalker?? You suddenly feel like you're being watched and you look to his face and see a handsome pair of bronze, goldish eyes staring at you. You quickly look away. The troll sits up and speaks " I see you're awake " you look back at him he had a weird accent (( A/N: I COULDN'T REMEMBER THE NAME FOR IT D:… here's my headcannon voice for him. And NO this is not a Summoner x reader. He just ends up being youre over protective moirail. ))
" w-who are you?" You mentally facepalm for stuttering. He doesn't notice. " Some call me the Summoner. You can call me Rufioh. Now my question. What are you? " You scoff " I'm a human. " he nods. " Okay. That makes some sense I guess. " he hops out of the round thing. THANK GOD HE WAS WEARING PANTS. You sigh in relief. After that you and the Summoner grow close and become what he calls moirails? After living on Alternia for several sweeps you were out at a small beach sitting in a tree watching a ship. Soon a figured steps off the ship. He was extremely handsome. A strong built jaw, handsome Lilac colored eyes, high cheek bones and a strikingly dominant demeanor. You were staring for so long you didn't notice him walk up to you. " Hello there. " You jump and almost fall out of the tree " oh uh'...... Hi!! " You greet him and he daisies a eyebrow. " I couldn't help but notice you're staring. " You blush. " uh....... sorry. About that..... " he chuckles " it's quite alright. It's nice to knovw I havwe admirers. " You climb down the tree. He was a good four or five inches taller than you but you didn't care. You two talked for a while and agreed to meet again the next day. As you made you're way through the trees you told Rufioh about him and he said His name was Dualscar. " (Name) you sure you wanna get involved with him? " " Why not Rufi? " " Well.... he's a highblood" " and? " "Well okay (name) but if he breaks you're heart doll..... just know I'll be there. Okay? " " Okay Rufi. "
**** time skip to sweeps later ****

You and Dualscar have grown closer and he had wanted to tell you something so you two agreed to meet on the beach. Once you got there you saw him standing there his cape blowing in the wind. You sneak up on him and tackle him into the sand " DUALSCAR!!!!! " " Vwhat the-" you muzzle him and you see a faint blush dust his cheeks. " You said you wanted to talk to me? " " uh.... Yeah..... (Name)......" " hm?" " what do humans call flushed feelings? " You were taken aback by his question. Yes you have developed a crush on the sea dwelling troll but you didn't think he returned you're feelings. " Um...... Love? " " Yeah..... I love someone and I'm not sure if she likes me back..." You're heart sank. You weren't the one who had his heart..... it was someone else... " well. If I were you.... I would take her somewhere like this and tell her. Then kiss her passionately after expressing you're feelings " you were happy you could help him though. You smile encouragingly. He smiles back and stands helping you stand as well. " (Name).... " " Yes? " You're shocked as you feel his soft lips against you're own. You stiffen but soon melt into his kiss. After a while you need air and you two break apart. You have a thick blush on you're cheeks. " I lovwe you..... " You grin " I love you too dualscar. " You kiss him again as he takes off his cape wrapping it around you two. And let's just say his cape wasn't the only thing coming off that night. ;)

*~~~ End ~~~*

Dualscar X Reader Requestby PorrimMaryam3764

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2013-2014 PorrimMaryam3764
Requested by :iconsignlessvantas69: she didn't request a certain type of story so I got to thinkin... Fluff. Or Lemon? :iconwhynotbothplz: XD so I figured. Why not fluff? Anyways. So dis is fluffeh cuz I don't write much fluff so here ya go....... I HOPE ITS WHAT YOU WANTED D: :icondragonglomp:
:icondualscarwhatplz: other characters, :iconpervysummonerplz: :iconhighbloodwhatplz: :iconfefcestorwhatplz: = :iconandrewhussieplz:
You = :iconsdualscarplz:
Story = :iconporrimmaryam3764:
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